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“One who speaks only one language is one person, but one who speaks two languages is two people." This Turkish proverb is very known in the world and totally true ! When you learn a new language, you also gain another culture and new life point of view by opening your mind in a fascinating way. It changes the the way you see things. It gives you another mentality, another point of view. Likewise, learning the local language will make…

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The Paris Bucket List: The best things to do in the capital of France 

We think that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. You should definitely visit this romantic city for once in your life. We explain you why we love so much this city of love. Paris has always been the capitol of the country, the center, the symbol of what France is. This is not true of most other countries. The whole country of France has always taken pride…

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Coronavirus: When will life return to normal? 

We suppose that everyone is talking about one topic today: Coronavirus (Covid-19) How can we protect ourselves? When will the coronavirus outbreak end? When will life return to normal?  We answer to all these questions with this article. Coronavirus is appeared in Wuhan in last December, made more than 734 thousand people sick today. More than 35 thousand people lost their lives worldwide. You can follow the status of countries…

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The best activities and things to do for kids, teens and families in Paris

As France Panoramic, we have an extensive experience on tourism in Europe. If you are interested in traveling in Europe, we are ready to guide you in Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg, Monaco, Köln, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Barcelona. According to us, Paris is the most romantic and exciting city in Europe for couples and families. You should see Paris before one dies. If you have children, Paris is a great travel…

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